support group for people who started out calling tezuka “buchou” ironically but cannot stop

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NOW… I can die in peace ♡~ 

OMG AKAYA!!!!!!!

"it has to be you" THAT IS SO ADORABLE

(kaidoh though hahahahaha NO just no)

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by artist 発酵した匁

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*takes a deep breath* I will not let this fictional character ruin me

failed step one

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First page Chapter 130 is tezuka kunimitsu in full color kyaaaa…

I miss this chara so much… hum wonder if he ever show up again

I MISS YOU SO MUCH BB :( please come home

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— the infamous words that break your heart no matter what sports manga is involved (insp

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In which Victoria Frankenstein is taking none of your bullshit, Dr. Waldman.
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ginsengelion: HAHAHAH I SHOULD watch prince of tennis eventually i'm already screwed with sports anyway ;D IT LOOKS FUNNY THAT ANIME CAP


I’m going to publish this because I obviously believe EVERYONE should watch Prince of Tennis because it is an actual source of joy to me, but

If you are planning to watch Prince of Tennis and your sports anime exposure is Free! - where, lovely as it is, the ‘sports’ in their anime is Rin and Haru looking at each other while they’re swimming, it might not be for you

Like, it’s obsessively about tennis. Each character has like their own little tennis techniques - and let me tell you there are literally hundreds of characters - and there are entire episodes dedicated to just one match. It’s not about a boy growing up with tennis in the background. It’s about tennis, with some boys in the background

Like - every feeling that happens in that show is associated with tennis. YOU WILL NOT BE EMOTIONALLY SATISFIED BY THIS SHOW

But you will know some fake theoretical knowledge on tennis, and you will start being really disappointed by real tennis matches, even if payed by pro players

yup probably the most accurate description i’ve seen about the show

"actual source of joy to me" ME TOO YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA

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