Get To Know Prince of Tennis: Team Captains

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Prince of Tennis Challenge: Favorite character that isn’t a middle school tennis player

Tokugawa Kazuya
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support group for people who started out calling tezuka “buchou” ironically but cannot stop

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NOW… I can die in peace ♡~ 

OMG AKAYA!!!!!!!

"it has to be you" THAT IS SO ADORABLE

(kaidoh though hahahahaha NO just no)

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by artist 発酵した匁

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*takes a deep breath* I will not let this fictional character ruin me

failed step one

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First page Chapter 130 is tezuka kunimitsu in full color kyaaaa…

I miss this chara so much… hum wonder if he ever show up again

I MISS YOU SO MUCH BB :( please come home

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— the infamous words that break your heart no matter what sports manga is involved (insp

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